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Experts agree that people experience no sense of choice about their sexual orientation (defined as an enduring pattern of romantic attraction).

It is wrong and hurtful to assume that someone becomes gay or lesbian because they can’t get a date.

To learn more about Teen Dating Violence, select one of the links on the right or contact: Claire Lisco PADV Teen Empowerment Advocate Claire.Bethany stared out the window wondering how she ever got into the mess she was in… This national campaign brings awareness to an issue that marks this nation - domestic violence.She had just turned 17 and she should be in the prime of her teen years. Unfortunately, many victims of domestic violence were once victims to another very real issue, Teen Dating Violence (which also runs a national campaign in the month of February).February, a month known for love, is also appropriately designated as Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month.In a very important national effort to raise awareness and promote preventative programs around teen dating abusive relationships, we wanted to highlight what you need to know to keep your teens safe.

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