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Even at its best—and Arrow is right now at its best, or damn close to it—this has never been a realistic show.

And I don’t just mean in the “hey, the dude with magical rags just used said magical rags to contain a nuclear blast.” After all, that bit is actually logically consistent with what the show has previously established about those rags, and Rory’s halfhearted assurance that he had faith underscored how preposterous the plan was at first glance.

A Wrestler against a Grappler(Tom Witkowski) Referees diary.

Story about a female wrestling match in a Summer camp between a freestyle wrestler and a grappler.

(And a deeply dumb idea, given Williams’ previous willingness to violate trust in order to break a story—which is a good thing that good journalists should do, broadly speaking, but not ideal in a would-be girlfriend.) The simple fact this is a superhero show means Arrow exists in a heightened reality, and it’s willing to run with that when it comes to Oliver’s romantic dalliances, or Felicity’s ability to instantly orchestrate a shakedown of some poor Russian, or that it’s still even remotely hard to figure out that Oliver is the Green Arrow, or the fact that nukes going off in this world still don’t seem like nearly as big a deal as they ought to.

I can say that I am a lady of senses: I like to "feel" this life exactly by them.

Fulfilled with passion to live, love, exchange happy smiles and moments with my beloved. I love the romance in a relationships, I like to do a romantic surprises for my second half.

I search, that is I wish to find myself suitable the man with which would be happy. I had some sad experience and I don't consider Russian men to be the right men for the woman. At leisure I like to go to take a walk on park one or with friends if it turns out to visit on the nature. I have some questions to you if you will consider possible answer please them, it will give me the greater representation about you as about the person: Tell in detail about your hobbies how you carry out a free time? I often prepare for dishes from our national cuisine, these are pel'menis with sour cream, a borshch, and pancakes with a different stuffing, a raspberry, wild strawberry and a cherry. Also I wish to ask you about your national cuisine, tell to me about it?

And I wish to tell to you at once that I do not play the Internet of game, that is do not want on vain to waste time. I wish to tell to you on a little bit about myself: my name is Elvira, me of 29 years. Russian people too like alcohol, it is not so pleasant for me. I want to inform, that I do not smoke, and I do not use strong alcoholic drinks, but sometimes I can slightly drink in the good company, but it happens seldom. I hope, you will tell about yourself more at our further dialogue. In a warm season people in the days off try to leave for city as at us very beautiful nature: a lot beautiful places which tourists visit. It is turned head from air - so is sated by oxygen. I understand that all people are different, but here in Russia women are treated in a bad way in most cases. I'm glad that I know English well enough to write letters to you. From fruit I love, oranges, apples, tangerines and a pear. I send you in this letter the photos I hope they to you will like.

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