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By creating and producing artworks I wished to combine the creative process with a greater project involving other sculptors and people all over the world with the aim to abolish stereotypes and misconceptions of foreign cultures around the globe.Looking for a medium to convey this message I developed during the MA programme for Cultural Production in 2010, this idea further. That's fine, because in 2016 you'll find the true meaning of life is gardening and getting lost at sea on a jet ski in the middle of the night.

The essential element is that the idea is talkworthy and we understand consumer motivations to learn about products and share this knowledge.

Social media extends far beyond the likes of Facebook and Twitter.

The authors show how these are just recent appendages to media that include product reviews, instant messaging, telephone and face-to-face conversations.

Sex is a coffee table book written by American singer Madonna, with photographs taken by Steven Meisel Studio and film frames shot by Fabien Baron.

The book was edited by Glenn O'Brien and was released on October 21, 1992, by Warner Books, Maverick and Callaway Books.

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