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Needleman's video features him singing about Star Trek, Barbra Streisand and dental hygiene.

Darlene, Jennifer, and Becky first appear in their test videos, then “come to life “ to interact with Kevin onstage.TRYING TO FALL IN LOVE AND GET MARRIED IS VERY, VERY, DIFFICULT. IF YOU WANT TO MEET SOMEONE, YOU HAVE TO KNOW HOW TO MEET THEM. Know what they want and know what it takes to get it. I enjoy receiving a phone call from someone who has selected me. I enjoy meeting men who have a passion for fitness. LET VIDEO DATING INTRODUCE YOU TO THAT SPECIAL SOMEONE WHO YOU HAVE BEEN THINKING ABOUT ALL OF YOUR LIFE. I stay in shape and want a man who is physically fit. DARLENE Soprano – Early twenties, classically insecure, very sweet and charming, but needs to find herself – quick. She wants to be sure you know that she doesn’t put on airs.She’s probably dated all she wants of sports nuts and New Republicans. She doesn’t expect to find a “perfect man” who fulfills all her needs.

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